It's Jack the Lad Re-mastered CD
  • It's Jack the Lad Re-mastered CD
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1 Boilermaker Blues
2 Back On The Road Again
3 Plain Dealing
4 Fast Lane Driver
5 Turning Into Winter 6 Why Can't I Be Satisfied
7 Song Without A Band 8 Rosalee 9 Promised Land
10 A Corny Pastiche (Medley)
11 Lying On The Water

Review Oatimus 5.0 out of 5 stars It's...Great! Published on I picked this up soon after it's release in the 70s; it became a favorite soon after, and now enjoys 'classic' status. The way I'd heard it at the time, 3/5 of Lindisfarne had split to focus on more folk-oriented material; however, this release is fairly rocked-out, albeit with folk sensibilities and instrumentation. Alan Hull's writing may be missing, but it's amply made up for by Billy Mitchell; this being his first record it's got all the songs he'd been saving up, and there's not a weak one here. From the rowdy Boilermaker Blues to the exquisite Turning Into Winter, this one's got it all, with great vocals and production to boot. If you're considering Jack the Lad, this is the one to get first.

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