The Pitmen Poets
  • The Pitmen Poets
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These Coal Town Days- Devil's Ground- Stanley Market- The Row Between The Cages- Shiftin'To The Toon,- The Pitman's Dream-South Medomsley Strike- Just One Spark- The Ex-Pitmen's Potholing Pub Quiz Team-Blackleg Mining Man- The Collier Laddie's Wife- Sheel Raw Flood/Off To California- Wor Nanny's A Maizor- Judas Bus- Farwell Johnny Miner- The Miner's Lifeguard-

Bonus Track The Pitmen Poets

The Pitmen Poets: Jez Lowe, Billy Mitchell, Bob Fox and Benny Graham, recorded 'LIVE'

16 Great tracks recorded live by these four champions of North East culture, plus a bonus recording of Jez's song "THE PITMEN POETS" written for the boys and nominated as "Best Original Song" in the BBC Folk Awards.

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