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Best of Lindisfarne: CD
  • Best of Lindisfarne: CD
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Lady Eleanor. All Fall Down. Meet Me On The Corner. Fog On The Tyne. Road To Kingdom Come. January Song. Poor Old Ireland. Court In The Act. Train In G Major. Alright On The Night. Scarecrow Song. Winter Song. Clear White Light (Part 2). Juke Box Gypsy. Warm Feeling. Ghost In Blue Suede Shoes. Can't Do Right For Doing Wrong. Call Of The Wild. Run For Home.

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It's Jack the Lad Re-mastered CD
  • It's Jack the Lad Re-mastered CD
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1 Boilermaker Blues
2 Back On The Road Again
3 Plain Dealing
4 Fast Lane Driver
5 Turning Into Winter 6 Why Can't I Be Satisfied
7 Song Without A Band 8 Rosalee 9 Promised Land
10 A Corny Pastiche (Medley)
11 Lying On The Water

Review Oatimus 5.0 out of 5 stars It's...Great! Published on I picked this up soon after it's release in the 70s; it became a favorite soon after, and now enjoys 'classic' status. The way I'd heard it at the time, 3/5 of Lindisfarne had split to focus on more folk-oriented material; however, this release is fairly rocked-out, albeit with folk sensibilities and instrumentation. Alan Hull's writing may be missing, but it's amply made up for by Billy Mitchell; this being his first record it's got all the songs he'd been saving up, and there's not a weak one here. From the rowdy Boilermaker Blues to the exquisite Turning Into Winter, this one's got it all, with great vocals and production to boot. If you're considering Jack the Lad, this is the one to get first.

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The Old Straight Track Re-Mastered CD
  • The Old Straight Track Re-Mastered CD
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  1. Oakey Strike Evictions
  2. Jolly Beggar
  3. Third Millenium
  4. Fingal The Giant
  5. Weary Whaling Grounds
  6. The Marquis Of Tullybardine / King's Favourite
  7. Peggy (Overseas With A Soldier)
  8. Buy Broom Buzzoms
  9. De Havilland's Mistake
  10. Old Straight Track
  11. The Wurm

Review s j chilvers 5.0 out of 5 stars I hadn't heard this album for a number of years having searched high and low many times for my vinyl copy which I am sure I still have.I have tried over the years to obtain a CD copy ,but as it was out of production for many years and copies were rare and selling for many times over the cover price, I never thought that I would hear this again untill unearthing my lost vinyl copy.My surprise at finding it listed once more on Amazon as a reissue made me immediately order a copy. I remembered it as being good but I was surprised at just how good it sounded.The sound quality is superior to the original,which was over bright and poorly mixed . All together this is an excellent album for anyone who enjoyed the folk/rock era of the 80's or else for anyone who just appreciates excellent music. Anyone who can listen to "The Wurm" on this album and not be speechless at the end of it,by its beauty and storytelling magic , should seek medical advice on there hearing problem. For something different or just because you are tired of boring predictable music BUY THIS NOW!!!!!!

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The Plymouth Bootleg CD Jack the Lad
  • The Plymouth Bootleg CD Jack the Lad
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Oakey Strike Evictions - Rocking Chair -Eight Ton Crazy - Trinidad - Captain Grant - Stone Fox Chase/Captain Pugwash - Buy Broom Bezzems/The Tender/Marquis of Tullybardine - Weary Whaling Grounds - Will you miss me when I'm gone - Hungry For Love - Gentleman Soldier - Tonto McGuire - Morris Minor Dance/Ballad of Winston O'Flaherty

Billy Mitchell - Water Fairbairn - Ray Laidlaw - Phil Murray - Ray Jackson

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Sunday for Sammy 2018 DVD
  • Sunday for Sammy 2018 DVD
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A three hour extravaganza of music and comedy in memory of Sammy Johnson, raising money to assist the next generation of north-east performers. STARING.. Brenda Blethyn, Tim Healy, Denise Welch, Joe McElderry, Kevin Whately, Johnny Vegas, Ryan Molloy, Charlie Hardwick, Chelsea Halfpenny, Stephen Tomkinson,Dave Johns, Jill Halfpenny, Jason Cook, Laura Norton, Christopher Fairbank, Billy Mitchell, Angela Lonsdale, Trevor Horn, Ralph McTell,Julia Tobin, Peter Peverly, Rosie Ramsey...AND MORE!!

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The Pitmen Poets
  • The Pitmen Poets
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These Coal Town Days- Devil's Ground- Stanley Market- The Row Between The Cages- Shiftin'To The Toon,- The Pitman's Dream-South Medomsley Strike- Just One Spark- The Ex-Pitmen's Potholing Pub Quiz Team-Blackleg Mining Man- The Collier Laddie's Wife- Sheel Raw Flood/Off To California- Wor Nanny's A Maizor- Judas Bus- Farwell Johnny Miner- The Miner's Lifeguard-

Bonus Track The Pitmen Poets

The Pitmen Poets: Jez Lowe, Billy Mitchell, Bob Fox and Benny Graham, recorded 'LIVE'

16 Great tracks recorded live by these four champions of North East culture, plus a bonus recording of Jez's song "THE PITMEN POETS" written for the boys and nominated as "Best Original Song" in the BBC Folk Awards.

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The Devil's Ground  Billy Mitchell
  • The Devil's Ground  Billy Mitchell
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The Devil's Ground - The Pitman and the Blackin' - 1915-1972 - The Newcastle Lad - The Tyne Exile's Lament - The Collier Laddie's Wife - As I Watched the Tyne Go By - Shiftin' to the Toon - Where my Heart Lives - The Bogs Bank Disaster

The 10 songs of The Devil's Ground epitomize what a folk song should be and the power it wields when it comes from the heart. The title track acts as the prologue to an 'everyday epic', essentially the story of the family Mitchell. 

The Pitman And the Blackin', words by Bobby Nunn, music by Mitchell, celebrates the wonderful ordinariness that is folk music's lifeblood. Life is a series of 'every days' ruptured by great events. 

1915-1972 starts with perhaps the 'greatest event' of them all, however its scope doesn't stop there because it goes on to tell the story of Mitchell's father and the sacrifices he made for his family. Heroes are not always found in the midst of battle. 

The Newcastle Lad, again a combination of Nunn and Mitchell, and Mitchell's own composition Shiftin' To The Toon will, quite naturally, have a greater resonance in the land which gave them birth but The Tyne Exile's Lament and the instrumental As I Watched The Tyne Go By capture universal sentiments. 

Everyone away from home is an exile from somewhere, this is their song, while As I Watched The Tyne Go By evokes the wild romanticism that we all think is the preserve of our own beloved home. 

Perhaps The Devil's Ground's greatest gifts are the haunting The Collier Laddie's Wife and The Bogs Bank Disaster. 

The Collier Laddie's wife smashes the rose-tinted glasses that history likes to wear. It graphically portrays the daily grind but it is also a hymn to hope. No-one chooses to be poor but the strength of the people portrayed in the song means they are never beaten or bowed by poverty. 

The Bogs Bank disaster which fittingly closes the album, is a poem written by Billy Mitchell's cousin Joe Ridley with music by the man himself. Its story needs little explanation but its simple, poignant telling brings into sharp relief the nobility and unfairness of life, sentiments still relevant. 

The Devil's Ground is a son of Northumbria's gift to the land with whom he shares an eternal love affair. Nowhere and no-one will have received a gift more precious. 

Michael Mee 

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5 Star B&B Billy Mitchell and Bob Fox CD
  • 5 Star B&B Billy Mitchell and Bob Fox CD
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Rockin’ Chair / The Gateshead Lass / Dance To Your Daddy / The Collier Laddies Wife / Born At The Right Time / Big River / The Pitman And The Blackin’ / The Galway Shawl / Where My Heart Lives / Sally Wheatley / The Devil’s Ground / The Rambling Rover / Meet Me On The Corner / Monday Monday


Blimey these Geordie lads believe in working at break-neck speed! It was only in October 2006 that I was discussing with Billy and Bob that they should record an album together. Well, blow me down if they haven’t succeeded and, as you’d expect the quality is exceptional.
On the back of a twenty-date tour together pulling what should have been two separate performances culminating with the pair playing together for a 20 minuteset they were already joining each other on over 90% of the evening. Not bad going I think you’d agree.
Basically a ‘best of…’ this recording provides the listener with a veritable smorgasbord including ‘Rocking Chair’, ‘Dance To Your Daddy’ topped nicely with the tune ‘The Spanish Cloak’, Jimmy Nail’s tremendous nostalgic view of the Tyne ‘Big River’, ‘Sally Wheatley’ and Billy’s ‘The Devil’s Ground’. Billy and Bob’s vocal performances aren’t so much good as towering and while folk music has ambassadors like these let’s count ourselves lucky that they have decided to settle in our camp. A round of applause should also go to Ron Angus who captured that real essence of a ‘live’ performance.

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Time Gentlemen Please DVD Lindisfarne
  • Time Gentlemen Please DVD Lindisfarne
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no time to lose - rocking chair - this guitar never lies - remember tomorrow - this too will pass - freedom square - ghost in blue suede shoes - lady eleanor - under the promenade -rock'n'roll phone - statues and liberties - meet me on the corner - born at the right time - winter song - can't do right for doing wrong - january song - one day - road to kingdom come - unmarked car - jubilee corner - unfinished business - whisky highway - run for home - one more bottle of wine - fog on the tyne - devil of the north - clear white light part II

Now on DVD, VHS Video and CD! The entire final concert, recorded on November 1st, 2003 at Newcastle Opera House.

DVD also includes Run For Home - the 2003 TTTV documentary chronicling the history of Lindisfarne.

Concert 139 mins, DVD documentary 49 mins. DVD compatible with all PAL DVD players, any region VHS video compatible with all PAL VHS players.

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Another Knight to Remember DVD
  • Another Knight to Remember DVD
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When the Sir Bobby Robson 80th Birthday Celebration event at the Sage Gateshead was announced late in 2012, the tickets sold out in 24 hours. By the time the concert took place on 18th February 2013, excitement was at fever pitch. Local heroes Mark Knopfler and Joe McElderry shared the stage with footballing celebrities Andre Villas-Boas, Alan Pardew, Steve Harper, Shola Ameobi and Stuart Pearce. Also performing were soul-queen Ruby Turner, kings of comedy Brendan Healy and Alastair McGowan, the Voice - Russell Watson and teenage sensation Faryl Smith, Maximo Park's Paul Smith and Gomez's Ben Ottewell. Darlings of the folk world The Unthanks, rootsy quartet The Cornshed Sisters and the sassy Scarlet Street all performed and the actors from 'Alf Ramsay Knew My Grandfather' completed the bill. All was held together by revered sports presenter Jim Rosenthal and Lindisfarne's Billy Mitchell assisted by The Boot Boy Band and Northern Sinfonia. The many memories of Sir Bobby were emotional and sometimes hilarious, the music was drawn from Sir Bobby's personal Desert Island Discs choices and the testimonials from Sir Alex Ferguson, Alan Shearer, Paul Gascoigne and Roy Hodgson were respectful and inspirational. The audience went home buzzing with excitement and amazed at what they had witnessed. Another (K)Night to Remember was an unforgettable event held to raise money for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation. It can never be repeated. Also on this DVD: Extra Time with Paul Gascoigne - Sir Bobby and Me. Extra Time with: John Beresford, Chris Ford, Lady Elsie Robson, Tony Mowbray, Dawn Thewlis, John Carver and Bobby Moncur

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