Backtrackin'  Billy MItchell
  • Backtrackin'  Billy MItchell
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Darlin' Be Home Soon - Walkin' Back To Blueberry Hill - Mr Bojangles -Cryin' In The Rain - Dirty Life and Times - Happy Birthday Dad - She Belongs To Me - Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner - Primrose Hill - May You Never - Born At The Right Time - Secret Garden - This Heart of Mine

Anyone who has attended one of Billy's solo shows during the Backtrackin' tour will know what 'Backtrackin' With Billy Mitchell' is all about.

It's a musical rollercoaster of a ride through his life with memories and the songs that touched him most.

Whether drawing on his own material or interpreting the songs of others, the spirit and feel of the Backtrackin' shows has now been captured on CD.

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