Live at The Maggie Bank CD Pacamax
  • Live at The Maggie Bank CD Pacamax
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Slippin' and Slidin' - Young Blood - Never Make a Move too Soon - Jolly Coppers on Parade - Mystery Train - Proud Mary - Highway 61 - Little Criminals - Werewolves of London - Man Gave Names to All the Animals - Promised Land - Slipin and Slidin'

Live concert recording the legendary occasional band, whose line-up features a few names you may have heard of! Rod Clements (Guitar & Vocal) - Steve Cunningham (Bass) - Marty Craggs - (Sax, Percussion & Vocal) - Jed Grimes (Guitar & Vocal) - Alan Hull (Keyboards & Vocal) - Ray Laidlaw (Drums) - Billy Mitchell (Vocal & Guitar)

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