The Old Straight Track Re-Mastered CD
  • The Old Straight Track Re-Mastered CD
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  1. Oakey Strike Evictions
  2. Jolly Beggar
  3. Third Millenium
  4. Fingal The Giant
  5. Weary Whaling Grounds
  6. The Marquis Of Tullybardine / King's Favourite
  7. Peggy (Overseas With A Soldier)
  8. Buy Broom Buzzoms
  9. De Havilland's Mistake
  10. Old Straight Track
  11. The Wurm

Review s j chilvers 5.0 out of 5 stars I hadn't heard this album for a number of years having searched high and low many times for my vinyl copy which I am sure I still have.I have tried over the years to obtain a CD copy ,but as it was out of production for many years and copies were rare and selling for many times over the cover price, I never thought that I would hear this again untill unearthing my lost vinyl copy.My surprise at finding it listed once more on Amazon as a reissue made me immediately order a copy. I remembered it as being good but I was surprised at just how good it sounded.The sound quality is superior to the original,which was over bright and poorly mixed . All together this is an excellent album for anyone who enjoyed the folk/rock era of the 80's or else for anyone who just appreciates excellent music. Anyone who can listen to "The Wurm" on this album and not be speechless at the end of it,by its beauty and storytelling magic , should seek medical advice on there hearing problem. For something different or just because you are tired of boring predictable music BUY THIS NOW!!!!!!

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